The Lordly Air

by Steve Binetti



The Lordly Air was part of my soundtrack for the theatre production of
„Hunde - Reichtum ist die Kotze des Glücks (translated: "dogs - wealth is the vomit of happiness“ or simply „Hunde (dogs)“, which was a successful theatre production directed by Frank Castorf; starring Nadine Dubois, Andreas Frakowiak, Irina Kastrinidis, Thorsten Merten, Silvia Rieger, Jorres Risse, Mandy Rudski, Jeanette Spassova, Bert Neumann, (stage set), Ulrike Kohler, (costume design), Maurici Farre, (dramaturgy)
It was performed at the Volksbühne Berlin, Germany.

„The Lordly Air“ is a single release from my official soundtrack album „Hunde - Reichtum ist die Kotze des Glücks“, which I am preparing for upload.


released October 28, 2018
Music written and produced by Steve Binetti.

© 2017 by Steve Binetti


all rights reserved


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