Those Were The Days

by Steve Binetti



those were the days of bliss
and I fed you with kisses
no one knows how I miss this
feeding you with love and bliss

and you want me to pay
more than I can pay for
and I ain't gonna stay here

this here is the bell and chain
I want you to wear
you must never miss to wear
this bell and chain of my love

love love
and here is your crown

sitting on the globe the phoenix
melting the dust the teardrops

those were the days
the days the days the days
those were the days
the days the days the days
of this here bliss


released December 25, 2018
Music and lyrics written by Steve Binetti.
Steve Binetti (vocals, guitar, footstomping)
Tim Schallenberg (bass-guitar)

Recorded, produced, edited & mixed by Sascha Moser and Steve Binetti.
Mastered by Steve Binetti at pigLatin-Master-Lab, Berlin.
Cover Foto by Ulrike McCollough.

© 2018 by Steve Binetti


all rights reserved


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